Malt Selection


BASe Malts

We carry 12 base malts from all over the world - including two VARIETIES malted right here in Cleveland!

Varieties include: 2-row, Pale, pilsen, munich, vienna, and wheat


Specialty Malts

We carry nearly 50 specialty malts from all over the world. 

Caramel/Crystal Malts: various lovibonds, carapils, caramunich, and more

Roasted Malts: Roasted Barley, Brown, Debittered, Chocolate, and more

Other: Honey, Acidulated, Biscuit, victory, Special B, Smoked, and More  


Malt Extracts

We carry liquid and dry malt extracts from Briess.

Varieties include: Pilsen Light, Golden Light, Bavarian Wheat, SPARKLING Amber, Munich, Rye, TRADITIONAL Dark, and Porter.